Hairstyles for plus size women over 40

Hairstyles for plus size women over 40

Hairstyles can emphasize both strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to consider all the details before deciding to experiment. What are the best haircuts for women with plus-size figures?

What affects the success of the haircut

To create a harmonious image for a girl with rounded shapes will help the basic rule: all accessories, including hair, must match the volume of the figure. This means that it is necessary to use either proportionately large details, or bright accents. For example, an intense blonde on a short haircut can make the figure look less heavy by accentuating the prominent color. But the same styling with dark coloring can create the opposite effect.

As a rule, ladies with puffy forms want to visually “stretch” the face. This can be done by using the volume in the parietal zone. It is not necessary to have long hair: a short haircut often successfully copes with this task. It creates an accent in the upper part of the head and visually elongates the face, slightly narrowing it.

Hairstyles for plus size women over 40

Choosing a new image – a responsible thing

Changing the image – a serious enough step, and before the radical cutting of the hair, it is necessary to imagine how the haircut will be combined with the face. The final decision is often taken after consultation with a hairdresser, so it is important for the hairdresser to approach each case individually. Choosing the ideal cut, the hairdresser takes into account texture, thickness and volume of the hair. Straight, curly or wavy, hard or soft curls look completely different in styles.

Before you decide to make serious changes to your appearance, you can use the virtual selection of hairstyles. Just 10-15 years ago, such services were the exclusive domain of famous salons, but today they are available to every owner of a smartphone. Special programs and Instagram-filters allow you to “try on” a lot of experiments in real time. Even before going to the hairdresser, the woman will get an idea of the new image and see how the metamorphosis with color, shape, length of curls will visually change the face oval.

General recommendations for ladies with shapes

There are several important points that should be taken into account by owners of magnificent shapes when choosing a suitable hairstyle: – if the volume of hair is initially small, it is necessary to treat with caution to the elongated haircuts. There is a risk that the ends of the strands will seem “transparent” because of the lack of density, which will worsen the overall impression of the image. The best length is such a length, in which the edge of the cut remains dense. Another solution is to correct the lack of volume using different methods of building up;

  1. The wrong length can easily accentuate flaws. If there is a “second chin”, you should not cut strands to its level. Otherwise their ends, resting directly on the edge of the face, will create a visual “frame” and draw unnecessary attention to the problem area;
  2. The texture and stiffness of the hair should be combined with the planned hairstyle. Options that assume a flat, smooth shape are not recommended for curly strands. It is likely that permanent straightening of curls will prove laborious. It is better to prefer a variant, the styling of which will not cause difficulties;
  3. The owners of the large face should take into account how the lower third of the face looks like – the form of this area visually changes depending on the haircut. To assess the effect in advance, you need to raise the hair in a high ponytail, opening the shoulders;
  4. The size and shape of the ears influences the success. Completely opening them, it is easy to spoil the impression or, on the contrary, to create an ultra-fashionable and bright style. If the ears look big, it is better to cover this part, so as not to increase the feeling of “heaviness”.

Choosing a haircut according to your face type is not easy, but important. However, a universal solution can be the haircut kare. In fact, this hairstyle has so many options that there is enough for every type and shape of face.

  1. For example, a short, straight haircut will perfectly emphasize the oval shape of the face, which is considered ideal, and, therefore, the haircut can emphasize it in every possible way. Other options: many haircuts are suitable for oval faces, starting with the most ultra-short: pixie, men’s brutal haircuts on the type of hedgehog and even the length “zero”.
  2. For an elongated face, a short square-cut would be a great choice, allowing you to create volume on the sides. Other options: a face with a high forehead is corrected by bangs. For example, you can choose short straight bangs or the usual thick bangs to the eyebrows. For an elongated face also suit puffy styling and perm. But remember that the volume should not be on top, but on the sides.
  3. A square face can also be corrected with a wide-branched square face. A side parting, a light staircase and falling strands at the face will help. Other options: a square, wide-skirted face is perfectly disguised by side falling strands. For this face shape it is better to choose oblique bangs and a side parting – slight asymmetry is only “for its taste”. Also smooth styling lines will help to level out the sharpness of features. When the face is wide, do not let the hair be too long. Visually elongate the wide square face can be achieved by using a curved volume. If you have long hair, try high hairstyles.
  4. Triangular in shape faces need to create A-shaped hairstyles. For example, you will work with long hair with a staircase haircut. The side parting and the volume at the ends of the hair will form the desired image. Wide forehead “triangle” can be covered with long bangs. Of course, to balance the narrow chin and will help curls, just try not to do curls straight from the roots. If you want to cut your hair short, go for a sheggie haircut with slanted bangs and textured strands. Although the straight parting is trendy, it doesn’t really suit everyone.
  5. An elongated square is suitable for girls with a round face. The volume on the crown and the elongated falling strands in the face visually extend its oval. Other options: round-faced girls, as a rule, do not fit very long hair. That is why you should choose short and medium-length haircuts. Instead of a long square-cut, you can opt for an even shorter haircut without voluminous strands on the sides, further expanding the face. You can also opt for a short haircut with slanted bangs or slight asymmetry. For example, styling haircuts pixie bangs in the style of retro.